Amid rumors, Ewing stands tall

As the season winds down, the rumors swirling around head coach Patrick Ewing continues to pick up.

The hall of famer made it clear where it stands.

Earlier in the week, Ewing received support from Athletic Director, Lee Reed.

The Hoyas will finish the regular season against Xavier. The Musketeers have dropped five straight games. Four of those losses have been by double-digits.

Ewing’s first five years have had results that have landed all over the place. The highs of an incredible four day run in New York and the lows to losing to Dartmouth.

How different would this season be if Qudus Wahab had stayed. If there was ever a player that needed a program and a program that needed a player, it was Wahab and the Hoyas.

Once he left, it left a gaping hole in an offense that has is depended on the three point shot and a big who can take advantage of the spacing. The three-headed monster of Timothy Ighoefe, Malcolm Wilson, and Ryan Mutombo hasn’t been able to make up for Wahab’s absence.

Aminu Mohammed has resembled the Hoyas season. It’s been full of ups and downs and teams have been willing to allow Mohammed to shoot the three pointer, something that is far from being a strength. Add that to the fact that Mohammed has problems finishing over length and you get a season that has been rather uneven.

Ewing has tried to throw a lot of things up against the wall to see if it would stick. He’s changed the lineup. Rewarded minutes for some and taken minutes from others. He’s done just about everything except play zone.

Whether the Hoyas win or lose, next week Ewing will return to a place with so many great memories. A place where he stood tall.

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