Deion continues to live rent free

Throughout Deion Sanders’ career he has lived rent free in his detractor’s heads. Whether it was terrorizing the Atlanta Falcons when he went to San Francisco or turning heel and helping the Dallas Cowboys to Super Bowl wins, Sanders has always been a lightning rod.

That continued after Jackson State’s 26-12 win over Alabama State.

Hornets head coach, Eddie Robinson Jr., was upset over some late game play calls.

That led to an awkward encounter after the game when Sanders try to give Robinson Jr. a hug after a handshake. Robinson Jr. stiff-armed Sanders.

“I’m going to always be respectful and respect the game,” Robinson said. “You’ve got the great [coaches], W.C. Gorden, Eddie Robinson, those guys, Marino Casem, I’m living on the shoulders of the SWAC.”

Robinson Jr. continued with his pettiness when he said “He ain’t SWAC. I’m SWAC, he ain’t SWAC.”

Sanders is the biggest attraction for HBCU athletics. It’s a light that could be used to address the elephant in the room… the underfunding of HBCUs.

The subject can’t be brought up enough. The underfunding leaves HBCUs in disadvantaged financial situations well beyond athletics. That can’t be said enough.

Use Sanders’ presence to hammer the point home.

That’s a lot more important than who’s SWAC and who ain’t.

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