Wentz opens up with clutch performance

Let’s be honest. After Carson Wentz through his second interception, the thought amongst the fan base was a collective, here we go again.

But, Wentz would do something the Commanders nor the Colts had seen. He came up with not one but two clutch fourth quarter drives in Washington’s 28-22 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“You find a way to win,” said Wentz. “It ain’t always gonna be pretty in this league, but you find a way to dig deep and get it done in the end and that’s what we did tonight. Good job boys.”

In the NFL, “pretty” is definitely in the eye of the beholder. With Washington down 22-14 in the fourth quarter, the home team looked like they were heading to the type of loss that had been all too common over a generation.

But Wentz found ways to extend drives that would eventually lead to a 49 yard touchdown pass to Terry McLaurin followed by the game winning touchdown pass to Jahan Dotson.

Washington hits the road next week with a trip to Detroit but for now, they deserve a chance to appreciate their offseason choice at the quarterback position.

“I got one special one I wanna give, just so everybody understands everything he has gone through,” said head coach Ron Rivera. “For everything that he’s worked for, he deserved this [expletive] win.”

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