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Making the Cut College Basketball Top 10 Major shake up at the bottom of the Top 10 as conference season starts but Gonzaga and Duke are, head and shoulders, the best teams in the country. Kansas is slightly below them. Gonzaga (16-1) Duke (13-1) Kansas (11-2) Baylor (11-1) Auburn (13-0)Read More →

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Making the Cut Top 10 This college basketball season has you blinking twice. To be fair, there is usually a certain level of volatility this time of year but this year, people seem to be paying more attention than years past. Gonzaga (11-1) Duke (9-1) Kansas (9-1) Ohio State (9-1)Read More →

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We are about to embark on our first set of holiday tournaments. It’s not unreasonable to expect a couple of the current top 10 teams to lose this week. Duke (4-0) Louisville (4-0) Maryland (3-0) Virginia (3-1) Michigan State Kansas (2-1) Gonzaga (4-0) North Carolina (3-0) Kentucky (2-1) Oregon (4-0)Read More →

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When the buzzer sounded on Duke’s season, it didn’t take long before the anti-one and done crowd started celebrating. The Blue Devils freshmen had become this generations Fab Five in way of hype. Zion Williamson was the face of college basketball. RJ Barrett (Canada) and Cam Reddish (USA) had priorRead More →