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USA Basketball: No Love

Kevin Love will not be traveling to the Olympics with USA Basketball.

The official reason why Love is leaving the team is because he’s not fully healthy. The real reason why is because Love should’ve never been on the team in the first place.

Jerry Colangelo put him on the team without even blinking because he’s on his way out. Colangelo’s legacy with USA Basketball was cemented with the Redeem Team. Getting Coach K, LeBron, and Kobe to buy in to save international basketball in this country was huge and he deserves a certain amount of credit for it.

But putting Love on this team after how he treated Carmelo Anthony when it was obvious that Team USA needed him on the FIBA World Cup team was a head scratcher.

Roster Moves

With Love and Bradley Beal (Covid-19) out of the Olympics, USA Basketball made a couple of roster moves. JaVale McGee (Denver Nuggets) and Keldon Johnson (San Antonio Spurs) will join the them in their places. Neither one has Olympic experience.

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