Maryland-Wingate Final

Maryland Basketball: Wingate Wrap-Up

Maryland 100  Wingate 58

Maryland was supposed to be playing Nebraska today instead of a Division II team. That’s one of many challenges in today’s Covid-19 impacted world. Scheduling “fill-in” games have become the norm and can have an impact over the perception of it being a “pay game”.

Kids Will Be Kids

No matter how you package it in, getting focus for a Division II opponent in the middle of January is a coach’s challenge.

“The most important thing to our team right now is maintaining our rhythm and building depth as we prepare for our final stretch of Big Ten games and push for the postseason. I want to thank Wingate for adding us to their schedule on such short notice,” said head coach Mark Turgeon.

So it wasn’t shocking to see Maryland get off to a slow start. The Terps started off 1-7 from the field as Wingate jumped out to a 6-2 lead.

After Wingate took a 16-12 lead on a Francis Sio hit a three-pointer, Mark Turgeon called a timeout and let his team know that he wanted the ball to move. Well… Turgeon let the entire arena know he wanted the ball to move.

Maryland responded to Turgeon’s plea with a 9-0 run where the ball did indeed move. A few possessions later, the Terps got a pass inside to Galin Smith on the cut and he hit Hart in the corner where the sophomore hit a three-pointer.

But as the ball movement issue got solved, keeping Wingate from scoring in the lane, did not. The Bulldogs scored 10 of their first 25 points in the paint. Though the meaning of that stat has changed as college basketball’s style of play has changed, it was still an indication that Wingate was able to drive the ball. But, that too, would eventually stop as the Terps would wall off penetration in the lane forcing Wingate into solve questionable shot selections.

That is the challenge of a game like that. Instead of being locked-in on the game plan against a conference opponent, you end up with a rush game plan against an opponent that you never thought you would play. An opponent that your team could take lightly because… well… kids will be kids.

Wiggins Big Half

Aaron Wiggins has had several games where he’s gotten off to a slow start. Today wasn’t one of them. The junior scored 18 points in the first half on a very efficient 5-9 ( 3-6 from three) from the floor and 5-6 from the free throw line.

Graham III scores first points of his Terps career

Early enrollee, James Graham III, scored his first points of his Maryland career in the second half of today’s win. Graham III would go on his own eight point scoring spree with a hook-shot followed by back-to-back three pointers.

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