Danny Jacobs-Gabriel Rosado Fight Poster

Is Danny Jacobs Slowing Down?

Danny Jacobs looked like a fighter who is starting to get a visit from Father Time.

Jacobs scored a debatable 115-113, 115-113, 113-115 split decision over Gabriel Rosado. Making the Cut scored the fight 114-114.

After the fight, Jacobs told Chris Mannix of DAZN, “I still feel like there’s more to me that hasn’t been yet seen, but this wasn’t a valiant effort from myself.”

With the potential of a big money fight, the thought was Jacobs would press Rosado more. Instead, he spent the early rounds following Rosado around the ring, engaging at a minimum. By not making Rosado feel uncomfortable, he allowed him to stay in the fight.

In the middle rounds, Rosado was there for Jacobs to hit but he stood there posturing. There were times where Jacobs was so inactive that there was an argument to score the round for Rosado simply on activity. That’s a dangerous game to play.

“I surprised him,” said Rosado. “I outboxed him, I out-jabbed him, I countered him, I made him miss big shots.”

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