Darryl Morsell

Darryl Morsell Growth Continues

In the first two games, Darryl Morsell is quickly becoming the leader of this team. Morsell had big shoes to fill when Anthony Cowen graduated. He’s doing that on so many levels including his offense.

Morsell was 6-6 from the floor, finishing with 15 points. “I’m very confident,” said Morsell. “I think I’ve always been confident in myself. This year is a little different. I have to assert myself a little bit more.”

This follows his efficient 12 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists performance in the opener against Old Dominion.

“I was bragging about him,” said head coach Mark Turgeon. “He’s gotten so much better offensively. You think about where he was when he first got here and where he is with his shot now. It’s pretty amazing. I think it’s going in every time.”

Morsell also had five rebounds and four assists.

On defense, Morsell has been just as good. “When we’re changing defense and doing different things he’s great at telling the players exactly that needs to be said,” said Turgeon.

Photo Credit: Maryland Athletes

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