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Notre Dame 42 Florida State 26

4th Quarter

Seems like the Fighting Irish defense has made whatever adjustment they needed to make but letting Florida State complete a 4th down with this still being a two score game is disturbing. Notre Dame could’ve gotten Travis in the backfield. Lost opportunity.

Might as well copy and paste that first entry. Florida State converts a 4th and 8. Inside the Fighting Irish 10.

Shaun Crawford’s interception was beautiful! Offensive interference on the Noles is declined.

Williams and Tyree are giving the Fighting Irish some punch. The great thing for head coach Brian Kelly is that Williams is only a sophomore and Tyree is a freshman.

3rd Quarter

Florida State cashes in on their first possession of the half. Not a good sign for the Fighting Irish defense. Looks like the Noles found something in the running game. Trading scores with a Noles team that has been pretty bad this season, isn’t good.

Once again, Book to McKinley is dominating the drive. McKinley is having success against Asante Samuel Jr. All that leads to a Book touchdown run. Can the Fighting Irish get to 60 tonight? That’s four touchdowns in the last five drives.

Notre Dame defense follows the touchdown with a stop. That’s definitely an important stop. Notre Dame’s offense could use another “grind the clock” type of drive. And… that’s not what happened. Williams drops a third down pass that could’ve gotten them a first down. Aaaannnnddd that’s following with a Jonathan Doerer missed 45 yard field goal. My dreams of 60 points are quickly dying.

The defensive line has been pretty decent sans a couple of drives. Another forced punt.

Welp… the offense with an uninspired set of downs. The second half of this quarter has been pretty quiet. Fighting Irish set to punt.

Notre Dame 42 Florida State 2

2nd Quarter 

Hopefully for the Fighting Irish that the second quarter doesn’t feature fumbles. Noles got 10 of their 17 points off fumbles. Anyway, Notre Dame starts the quarter from the Noles’ 36 yard line.

Wow. Williams with a very physical run on 3rd and 2. Fighting Irish needed that first down.

Book is definitely feeling it. Threaded one to Mayer at the 5 for first and goal. Two plays later, Williams with the touchdown.

I definitely didn’t have this game being a shootout in the first half but here we are.

Quick update: Williams has 130 yards on 9 carries and two touchdowns. We aren’t even at halftime.

Despite a couple of snafus, Notre Dame’s defensive speed looks pretty up to par. Only time will tell if it’s compete-with-Clemson speed but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Not much success on third down?!? Did Mike Tirico miss that big touchdown pass? (Notre Dame defense held there).

Notre Dame’s offense finally slows down and the Fighting Irish will have to punt. Its the first possession where the offense was off-schedule.

Ahhh… the Florida State offense derails when they get back-to-back penalties.

The Fighting Irish punt return team just pulled a keystone cops move as two of them crash into each other. Luckily the ball didn’t touch either one.

Book to McKinley looking like a good combination.

Chris Tyree is in and his first two runs have been rather nice… and so has the running lanes. And on the third run, Tyree goes 45 yards for a touchdown.

Notre Dame’s defense is struggling with the zone read on this drive. The Noles are trying to answer Notre Dame’s 14-point run.

Its not getting any better for the Fighting Irish. A needless offsides gives the Noles a first and 10 from the Notre Dame 12. What makes it worse was the penalty came on third down. Florida State gets a first down without snapping the ball.

The defense bows up a bit but Florida State helped them by going away from the run. Why? Anyway, the Noles only get 3 on this drive.

Jafar Armstrong with a nice return. Fighting Irish have a little over a minute to get some points.

What a boneheaded play by the Noles’ defense. Hit Book well out of bounds. Fighting Irish at the Noles 30.

Book had complete control of this drive. His play rewards the Fighting Irish with a touchdown pass to Braden Lenzy with 11 seconds left in the half.

Notre Dame 35 Florida State 20

1st Quarter

Notre Dame got off the start that they couldn’t. After receiving the opening kickoff, Notre Dame’s Kyren Williams fumbled two plays later.

Florida State started their first possession from Notre Dame’s 32 yard line. The Irish defense got a big stop on 3rd down, holding the Noles to a field goal.

Well… talk about responding to a mistake. Williams rips off a 65 yard run on first down. Two plays later, touchdown Irish. Ian Book hits tight end, Michael Mayer on a drag route for an 8 yard td reception.

Side note: It’s weird seeing Florida State so vulnerable. Of course right after I type this, the Noles complete a 31 yard pass.

Shaun Crawford should’ve had the pick on 3rd and 11. Great break on the ball.

Florida State is synonymous with speed but Williams turned a screen pass that could’ve lost yards into a positive gain by turning on some speed. Either Notre Dame had gotten faster or the Noles have gotten slower. Of course it could be both.

Speaking on speed, Williams just raced 46 yards for a touchdown. Irish up 14-3.

After a real stand by the Irish defense, Notre Dame’s special teams lets them down by fumbling the punt. Florida State starts at the Notre Dame 20 yard line.

This time Florida State cashes in with a touchdown run by Travis. The Fighting Irish have dominated but only find themselves up 14-10.

Book fails to complete an easy pass on 3rd and 2.  Joe Wilkins could’ve turned that up for a good gain.

Not good for the Irish defense who finds themselves back on the field.

Ugh. Crawford gets faked out in a double move and the Noles have the lead, 17-14.

The Irish offense ends the quarter on a nice connect from Book to Javon McKinley.

Florida State 17 Notre Dame 10


Notre Dame vs Florida State in 2020 isn’t stoking memories of 1993 but it should be fun so why not have a live blog for tonight’s game. It hasn’t nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t do a preview. Nope. Not at all


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