Culture: Run-DMC’s Top Hits

As a private school kid, lets just say hip-hop’s quickly rising influence wasn’t felt, in or out of my classroom.

But, once I got home and listened to the radio, the beats and lyrics coming out were poetic. Hip-hop was growing into a skill-set centered around beats and rhymes addressing everything from the news of the day to who was the best on the mic. The lyrics were fun and the timing was perfect.

MTV was in it’s infant stage and was trying to hook up with the growing generation and not the established generation. Hip-hop fell into the same space with it’s core customer. We were the next generation that appreciated cats like Sugar Hill Gang but was ready for something that was definable to us. Our generation.

The rise of Run-DMC happened when I switched from private school to public school. As you could imagine, I was now around kids who were all in on the style of Joseph Simmons (Run) and Darryl McDaniels (DMC).

Run-DMC started to dominate the airwaves like the Lakers and Celtics dominated the NBA. It all fit together. The group’s run from 1984 to 1990 is one of the most influential in hip-hop.

With this on my mind, I started tooling around with putting together my top 10 Run-DMC songs. And I want to stress, “my” list.

Music is personal to the listener. We’re all seeking different things and different stages of our lives. Even within the Run-DMC catalog, where their rise fits into your life will influence what songs stuck with you.

10. Hit it Run (Raising Hell – 1986)

9. Darryl and Joe (King of Rock – 1985)

8. Jam Master Jay (Run-DMC – 1984)

7. My Adidas (Raising Hell – 1986)

6. Hollis Crew (Run-DMC – 1984)

5. Run’s House (Tougher Than Leather – 1988)

4. Walk This Way (Raising Hell – 1986)

3. Sucker MC’s (Run-DMC 1984)

2. King of Rock (King of Rock – 1985)

1. Rock Box (Run-DMC – 1984)


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