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Notre Dame Football: Kelly on the Hot Seat

Whenever Notre Dame loses the instant reaction is to blame the coach, blame the recruiting, blame the academic requirements etc. There’s no program that receives more national scrutiny than Notre Dame.

That’s why it should shock no one that people were questioning Brian Kelly’s qualifications to remain Notre Dame’s head coach. The notion of firing Kelly is utterly ridiculous. But that didn’t stop ESPN’s Paul Finebaum from suggesting that Notre Dame buy Kelly out and make a run for Urban Meyer. The same Urban Meyer that embarrassed The Ohio State with him blatant disregard for domestic violence.

Yes. The Michigan loss was embarrassing. Not only has all hope of making the College Playoff gone but don’t expect the Irish to play in a New Years Day Six Bowl game either. But, that is fine when you consider Notre Dame’s reality. To make the College Playoff, they basically need to go undefeated and get help from a Power 5 conference having a down year.

New Years Day Six should be the goal each season knowing there will be a season or two when you don’t make it. The Irish will be favored in their last five games. If they take care of business, that’s a 10-2 season.

That’s the mountain the “fire Brian Kelly” clan wants to die on?

Notre Dame is fine. Brian Kelly is fine. If Kelly wants to flirt with the NFL, that’s fine.

But the idea Notre Dame needs to buyout Kelly like he’s Charlie Weis is asinine.

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