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The city of Philadelphia got a treat last night with King’s Promotions card at the 2300 Arena. The Carlos Rosario-Jerome Conquest and Christian Carto-Alonso Melendez fight had plenty of crowd pleasing moments. Rosario-Conquest took one round to feel each other out before the fireworks began. Conquest looked to take overRead More →

President Cup Trophy

The Presidents Cup as long be viewed as an event to bridge us to the next Ryder Cup. The youth movement in golf has somewhat changed that. The Presidents Cup still isn’t on the same level of the Ryder Cup but it certainly has become an event worthy of standingRead More →

Carmelo Anthony

It finally happened. Carmelo Anthony has been traded by New York. For his critics it didn’t matter where he went, they just wanted him gone. So, as the reports came out that he had been traded to OKC, most immediately started thinking about what was Anthony’s legacy in New York? His criticsRead More →